Task Assignment and Progress Monitoring

Effective Project and Task Management

ApproveTask – Software for Project Managers

Managing a project with a large team, including when working remotely, requires effective tools. Our app allows for precise task assignment to users and monitors the progress and completion of these tasks.

With our project management app, you can effortlessly assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and define the scope of responsibility for each individual. The ability to set priorities, add instructions, and attach files ensures clear and comprehensive guidelines for your team.

Once a task is assigned, tracking its progress and execution in real-time becomes straightforward. Users can update the task status, check off completed stages, and report any challenges encountered. As a project leader, you have full insight into the progress of every team member.

To support punctuality and efficiency in project management, our app generates email notifications with reminders about task deadlines.

Our task assignment and progress monitoring feature is your backbone in project management. Monitor progress, avoid delays, and coordinate team work efficiently. We provide you with a convenient tool that will assist you in achieving success in task and project execution.

Manage Your Project Effectively and Visually

Discover the Power of the Kanban Board

What is the Kanban Board Method?

The Kanban Board Method is a simple but powerful way to manage projects. The fundamental idea of the Kanban Board is to visualize work by breaking the project into tasks, which are represented as cards or notes on the board.

How does the Kanban Board work in Our Application?

Discover the processes made possible by the Kanban Board

Work Visualization:  The Kanban Board allows for a quick understanding of the project’s status and current progress. Everything is visible in one place.

Workflow Optimization: By analyzing the Kanban Board, you can easily identify problems and streamline your workflow.

Flexibility: The Kanban board is a flexible tool that can be adapted for various projects and teams. You can add new columns, adjust task priorities, and scale the solution to changing needs.

Ease of Communication: Each card on the Kanban Board contains all the necessary information, making team communication clearer and more efficient.

Why is it worth using a Kanban Board?

The Kanban Board Method offers many benefits

We invite you to try out our application and experience the power of the Kanban Board methodology in project management. Discover how easily and effectively you can manage projects using our tool!

Effective Project Management Using the Method of Project Breakdown

Breaking Projects into Smaller Tasks
Effective Project Management

Our project management application offers functionality that will help you effectively handle large and complex projects. The project breakdown method, based on a task tree, will allow you to break down each challenge into smaller ones. By breaking a given task into smaller, more manageable parts, it enables a team member to focus on individual tasks.

Why is it worth using the project breakdown methodology?

Breaking down the project into smaller tasks brings many benefits. Here are some of them:

How does our project breakdown functionality work? 

Our application enables the creation of a “product backlog” – a list of all tasks that need to be done within the project. Then, based on priorities and available resources, you can select tasks for execution within a specified time.

Each task is assigned to the appropriate team members who are responsible for its completion. Teams work on their assigned tasks, and the app allows for monitoring progress and teamwork between team members.

The project breakdown methodology will help you effectively manage large projects by breaking them down into smaller parts. This way, you will gain better control over progress, focus on specific tasks, better manage risk, and flexibly adjust the project plan. Use our functionality and achieve success in managing your project!

Sending and Approval Files
by the Investor

Reduce the Evaluation and Collaboration Time

Our application offers a unique functionality of sending files for acceptance by the Investor, as well as a dedicated chat that allows direct communication with the Investor for necessary arrangements and agreements.

Sending files is a key element of the investment process, and our application provides a convenient and secure tool for this purpose. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users can easily send the necessary documents, presentations, multimedia, and other materials necessary for the assessment and acceptance of the investment.

After sending the file, you will receive a unique reference number that allows you to track progress in the acceptance process. But that’s not all! Our application also offers a dedicated chat with the Investor, which enables direct communication in real-time.

Dedicated chat is an excellent tool for discussing any issues related to the sent materials. You can ask questions, request explanations, make agreements, or present additional documents and analyses. This allows for quick and efficient information exchange, eliminating the need to use other communication channels.

Our chat is designed for convenience and efficiency. You will receive notifications of new messages, be able to send attachments during the conversation, and easily recognize read messages. This makes communication with the Investor even more smooth and intuitive.

As part of the Investor approval process, our application offers three main options:
Approve file, Approve file with Comments, and Disapprove.
Each of these options allows the Investor to add a description, which explains the reason for the decision made.

With these three options and the ability for the Investor to add descriptions, our application ensures transparency and a full understanding of the decisions made in the acceptance process. Users have access to feedback that helps in refining the submitted materials and tailoring them to the investor’s expectations. This accelerates the acceptance process and streamlines cooperation between the Investor and the application’s users.

Our application takes care of the security of your data. We use advanced encryption and security methods to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information. All files and chat conversations are stored in a specially protected space to prevent unauthorized access.

With the file sending functionality and dedicated chat, our application provides a comprehensive solution for the Investor’s acceptance process. Sending files is quick and easy, and communication with the Investor becomes more effective and intuitive. Shorten the Investor’s response time and accelerate your investment process with our application!

Chat: Real-time
Communication and Cooperation

For each task on the Kanban Board

Chat in tasks is a feature of our application that allows users to communicate and collaborate directly within a task. Whether you are working on a project, managing team tasks, or organizing your daily duties, Chat enables smooth and effective communication.

The main advantage of Chat is that each task on the Kanban board has a dedicated chat. So you can freely discuss, ask questions, agree on details, and share information with other people working on the same task. You no longer have to switch between different communication tools or send emails to communicate with team members. Everything you need is in one place – in the Kanban Board task.

Each chat in Chat is protected and accessible only to those involved in a particular task. This ensures you can freely share sensitive information and discuss topics that pertain solely to that task without concerns of privacy breaches or confidentiality violations.

Kanban Chat features include the ability to send text messages, attachments, emojis, and other media. You can also tag other users to indicate that you need their attention or response. Thanks to notifications, you can stay updated with new messages and quickly respond to updates.

Chat will significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency in task management. It not only facilitates team communication but also enables faster decision-making, eliminating delays associated with waiting for email responses or meetings.

Create schedules using
Gantt charts

Your app for effective
task planning

Our innovative application allows for the creation of schedules using Gantt charts, enabling effective task planning and project management. By using our tool, you will be able to organize your tasks in a clear and efficient manner.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a visual tool that presents a task schedule in the form of a horizontal timeline. With it, you can easily determine when each task should be executed, what dependencies exist between them, and how long they will take. It is an excellent tool for project planning, progress monitoring, and team coordination.

Features of our application: